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Every day we help business owners obtain working capital loans.  We've learned that access to reliable operating capital is part of the blueprint for business success.

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The Working Capital Group is your source for secured and unsecured loans.

Our passion for providing an array of financing options and our track record of customer-centered lending is the reason we've been doing this since 1986.  Whether you need operating cash for inventory or funds to deploy commercial equipment, we have you covered.

At Working Capital Group, we know working capital lending, and have tailored our financing products to fit the unique needs of companies with a need for cash.  If you're seeking a balanced, secured loan or just an unsecured option for a quick return on investment, we can help by providing fast, easy, and reliable financing options.

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98% of working capital loans are not funded by local banks or credit unions.


Bank and credit unions are great resources for credit lines, real property loans, and personal loans - but operating capital for businesses is a different story.  Often, loans against heavy equipment collateral, and revenue-based unsecured funding falls outside of the bank credit window.   Unlike banks, we have real alternatives like merchant cash advances and sale leaseback programs.  If you are a thriving operation with a business purpose for funds - we can help!

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